Mission Statement:
To educate Legislators and Regulators on issues pertaining to Family Childcare Providers, consistent with providing quality care and operations, and to inform and enlist providers active participation in the legislative process.

To organize all State licensed/regulated family childcare providers to speak up for their right to be treated with respect and fairness, to receive fair compensation for their efforts, and to be recognized for the tremendous contributions they make to society.
Steering Committee:
Co-Chair: Volunteer from the CA Association for Family Child (CAFCC)
Co-Chair: Volunteer from the CA Federation of Family Child Care Associations, Inc. (CFFCA)

Joseph Silverman

Volunteer who notifies FDC Associations by e-mail of action needed.

Operating Process:
CAFCC & CFFCA select Steering Committee.
Local FDC Associations select Regional Volunteers to disseminate information.
Local Association presents information to Steering Committee on issues pertaining to legislation or DSS, and Steering Committee sets an agenda.
Steering Committee notifies Regional Volunteers to contact assigned Associations for support and/or input. Local Association disseminates to members for their action.



LPA Complaint Registry:Providers can register what they feel is unfair treatment by a Licensing Program Analyst (LPA). The information will be accumulated, and where applicable, be presented to the Department of Social Services for review orto State Legislators. To register a complaint - click the link and send a confidential email for review.

All information gathered will be confidential. Providers names will not be use without written authorization.